Slowing the spread of COVID-19, one visit at a time.

Visit Health manages testing sites in multiple locations across the United States, from private COVID-19 testing programs for production companies to large scale public sites. We offer on-site, concierge and telehealth options.

PCR Molecular and Antigen Testing

On-site, Concierge and Telehealth Support

Drug and diagnostic testing

Since 2020, Visit Health has administered over 4 million tests at sites across the U.S., and continues to expand our range of testing services.

Our experience and demonstrated capabilities allow Visit Health to provide innovative solutions for businesses and organizations in meeting evolving challenges that COVID-19 brings.

Covid testing employees at a testing site

At Home Test Kits

Visit Health works with public and private clients on bulk test kits acquisition. We provide a variety of Rapid PCR and Rapid Antigen testing, competitively priced. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Patient self-administering Covid test with telehealth support

our test kits include telehealth support with a Visit Health Medical Professional

For instruction, observation, and reporting.

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As a leader in rapid medical response specializing in pop-up clinics, we have tested and vaccinated millions of patients. We offer the following clinical services:

  • Rapid PCR

  • Rapid Antigen

  • Annual flu shots

  • COVID boosters

  • Other immunizations

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